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I had a vision and Lisa helped me to create it with special order soaps and labels. All beautifully packaged with wonderful samples included. AromaWhips products are absolutely amazing 💕💕


I use the Facial Moisturizer daily. I noticed that my face is never dry or ashy. I also use the Shea Butter on my feet to control athlete's foot (no itching or split skin). I use the fragranced Shea Butter on my whole body to keep my skin soft and glowing, and with a pleasant smell. I will continue to use AromaWhips everyday 365/6 days a year. 


I love all of Lisa's products! The ingredients are so clean and very affordable. My hair has become so much healthier after using the Leave-in Conditioning Cream and CocoaShea Hair Butter. I'm so glad to have found products that helped define my curly hair.

Lia B.

That hair oil helps with the eczema on my scalp. I notice my hair is growing back in the eczema spots.


I got poison ivy from doing yardwork recently and I started using a steroid cream, which didn't work. The Turmeric Souffle arrived, and I decided to try using it on my spots to see if it would help. It was incredible the difference I saw just within 24 hrs. The inflammation and the itchiness have gone down by 50% just in one day. I've been using that steroid cream for over a week and it has not been working. Not to mention the Turmeric Souffle is so beautiful on the skin, and somehow I don't how you did this, but it's not greasy.